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Passed Arcitura SOASchool S90.02 exam

Last week I passed the Arcitura SOASchool exam S90.02 as part of the SOASchool Architect certification path I would like to complete.

The exam covers basic SOA technology concepts like XML technology, SOAP & REST. But also very specific concepts like WS-Policy, WS-Coordination framework and WS-AtomicTransaction standard.

I used the Arcitura self-study module and the book “SOA Technology Concepts, Technology and Design” by Thomas Erl as preperation for the exam:

I used the following steps for studying:

  • Just followed the study guide and read the required chapters from the book
  • Used the audio CD (in my car while driving, so didn’t use the printed powerpoint sheets) to verify if there are any gaps in knowledge
  • Q&A cards to check your knowledge (just a few days before the exam) and fill in the blancs where necessary.

And make sure you are familiar with the following concepts (source: SOASchool Module 2 page):

  • Basic XML and XML Schema Concepts
  • Overview of Standards Organizations
  • Contrasting Component-Based Architecture with Web-based Services
  • Service Roles and Service Agents
  • Basic WSDL and SOAP Concepts plus UDDI, Discovery and Service Registries
  • Basic REST Service Concepts and Patterns
  • Web Service Anatomy (physical architecture)
  • Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) and Service Activities
  • Context Management and Coordination
  • Atomic Service Transactions and Compensations
  • Orchestration and WS-BPEL
  • Advanced Messaging, Reliable Messaging and Policies
  • Fundamental Security Concepts
  • Fundamental Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Topics
  • REST Services: Contracts, Resources, and Messaging
  • REST Architectural Goals
  • REST Constraints

Good luck !


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Passed Arcitura SOASchool S90.01A exam

Last week I used my voucher to give the Arcitura S90.01A “Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing” exam a try. I was fortunate enough to pass it on the 1st try. Since the exam is a requirement for all of the tracks (check the matrix) I decided that I probably continue and try to finish both the  Certified SOA Architect and Certified SOA Security Specialist tracks. Architect (and Consultant) are probably the most common tracks, but I always liked the complexity and challenges of security in a SOA landscape.

the exam itself

The exam is based mainly around the content of the Thomas Erl book:
SOA Principles of Service Design. The book is pretty huge but lucky for us we don’t have to memorize it completely to pass the exam.

Before making any attempt make sure you understand at least the following concepts:
Strategic goals & benefits
Service-Orientation Design Principles
Elements of Service-Oriented computing
– knowledge about service contracts / service registry / service lifecycle / service inventory and composite services

The prometric exam is mainly based around these concepts and if you logically understand them and place them in context you should be able to pass the computer based exam. Which by the way consists of a total of 50 questions and you have to answer 80% of these correctly. If you score more then 88% you will pass with honors.

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