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Using the Oracle Credential Store Framework (CSF) in your Oracle BPM / ADF project

In our Oracle BPM/SOA project we initially started with 1 process which had a service call out to Oracle UCM/WCC. Since WCC uses basic authentication by default we enabled an OWSM policy on the external reference and made sure the username and password were set in the composite.xml. With the help of Oracle config plans we were able to transfer the SCA through the different OTAP environments.

<interface.wsdl interface=""/>
< port="" location="oramds:/apps/rubix/references/UCM.wsdl" soapVersion="1.1">
<wsp:PolicyReference URI="oracle/wss_http_token_client_policy" orawsp:category="security" orawsp:status="enabled"/>
<property name="oracle.webservices.auth.password" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">welcome2</property>
<property name="oracle.webservices.auth.username" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">ucmuser</property>

However when there became more and more processes, with increased complexity and all with numberous callouts to backends with authentication enabled, the delivey of our release through the OTAP environment became more complex as well.Besides that, our Oracle ADF task screens needed connection to many of the same endpoints as well so we ended up with username and password properties in that deployment as well.

So to centralize the username and password in our environment we decided to use the full potential of the Oracle Credential Store Framework (CSF) for both BPM and ADF. Oracle CSF is part of the Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS).

Since Oracle BPM relies heavily on the SOA-INFRA structure used by Oracle SOA Suite the functionality works identical. Lucky for us Edwin Biemond already blogged about this feature regarding Oracle SOA Suite which we could simple re-use for Oracle BPM.

Oracle Credential Store Framework

Next step was Oracle ADF where our task has functionality to call web services which have the same basic authentication. Again we have a quick start by using this blogpost from Wilfred van der Deijl. In this blogpost he explains how to use a key to the credential store and how to retrieve it from your ADF application.

ADF and Oracle Credential Store

With the help of these 2 fellow Dutch Oracle techies blogs this turned out to be the smoothest user story in our last sprint ;-)



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Using basic authentication for Oracle BPM service call

In our Oracle BPM process we need some calls to Oracle UCM/WCC. Since UCM requires basic authentication we need to make sure the BPM process sends a token.

So in our composite we right-click the UCM webservice reference, select configure WS policies,


We select the oracle/wss_http_token_client_policy from the security list.


Now there are multiple ways options to configure the username + password:

  • In JDeveloper we can configure the default value (handy for quick DEV deployments)

We need to configure a binding property, however the thing is that the oracle.webservices.auth properties are not there in the LOV.


However if we go to the composite source we can just manually add both

  <reference name="sourceUCM" ui:wsdlLocation="CheckIn.wsdl">
    <interface.wsdl interface=""/>
    < port=""
                location="CheckIn.wsdl" soapVersion="1.1">
      <wsp:PolicyReference URI="oracle/wss_http_token_client_policy"
                           orawsp:category="security" orawsp:status="enabled"/>
      <property name="oracle.webservices.auth.username" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">weblogic</property>
      <property name="oracle.webservices.auth.password" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">welcome1</property>

When deploying the project the settings are automatically set.

  • Through Enterprise Manager (can be used to override the default)

If we navigate to our SOA Composite -> Dashboard tab ->  Services and References you can find a list of all webservice references.Click on it and go to the properties tab

Check the HTTP Basic Authentication segment and use this to override any DEV default settings (if necessary)


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Overview of Oracle SOA Suite diagnostics tools

This post on the SOA Community blog by Jürgen linked me to this very very very interesting article on the website it’s SOA ProActive Support section. The article explains the multiple tools available, and how they relate, for diagnosing SOA Suite 11g issues. The tools addressed are:

Because I know 100% for sure that in the next years I will need this article I just had to create a perma-link like this on my own blog. Check out the full article for all the details.

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Maven build using SOA/BPM resources from Oracle Service Registry

Very nice pom.xml example showing how to use SOA/BPM resources from the Oracle Service Registry during a Maven build by Phani Khrisna @ Mark Nelson’s RedStack blog


Today, I feel very privileged to share with you a post from one of my readers, Phani Khrisna, who was kind enough to allow me to post this updated Maven POM which allows you to use resources in the Oracle Service Registry during the build.

Phani has also tidied up a small omission from earlier POMs, which a number of you have commented on.  This POM copies the SAR file into the target directory so that it will be published into the Maven repository as part of the build, rather than an almost empty file with the POM in it.  While we may not be able to use it as a dependency in another composite using just the Maven coordinates (like we can with Java artifacts for example), it at least makes it available to other developers.

Thank you Phani.  Enjoy!

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SOA Suite PS5 ( available for download

Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 PS5 ( released and available for download on See the SOA Community blogpost for a list of new features.

PaaS Community Blog

our latest Version of SOA Suite 11R1 PS5 ( is available for download at OTN. Many new features include:


Make sure you send us your feedback at @soacommunity!

The complete release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 ( includes the following products:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1 (10.3.6)
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Business Process Management 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Complex Event Processing 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Service Bus 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Service Registry 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Data Integrator 11g R1 (
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g R1 (
    (previously known as Oracle WebCenter Suite)
  • Oracle WebCenter Content 11g R1 (
    (previously known as Oracle Enterprise Content Management)
  • Oracle Identity Management 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Forms, Reports, Portal…

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Oracle SOA Suite Database Growth Management Strategy (whitepaper)

Oracle released a white paper regarding a Oracle SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management Strategy as part of it’s Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture. Which is great news looking at the questions clients have about disk space planning, growth management and purging strategies for their SOA Suite implementation.

Looking at the document we can see that Chapter 1 shows interesting metrics to estimate the growth of your SOA database to get a good first estimate on the appropriate growth management strategy. It also allows you to determine if your soa database is labeled by Oracle as a small, medium or large database profile. Chapter 2 discusses Growth Management Strategy and advised a recommended strategie based on the database profile explained in chapter 1 (the small, medium or large). Chapter 3 focuses on tooling and scripts to help you troubleshoot your SOA suite database. The document end with 3 appendixes. Appendix A + B are probably interesting for your DBA, but for Middleware people without  the Oracle database background (like me) very valuable to get a good understanding about space management and purging posibilities of the Oracle database. Appendix C finally discusses some of the enhancements in SOA Suite 11g PS5 (like the row migration procedure).

I really like this white paper, it’s technical and gives you a good headstart for any SOA Suite installation / project. So I decided to create this post for 2 reasons: remember the URL and especially to be able to link this to whomever is going to ask me questions about a SOA Suite database growth and purge strategie. :)


The 11g white paper is available on Oracle Technology Network (click here) and has been written by Michael Bousamra with contributions from Deepak Arora & Sai Sudarsan Pogar of Oracle SOA Development.

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Oracle SOA Suite Error – Cannot Locate Policy Manager query/update service

Strange error occurred in on of our test environments. Through the Enterprise Manager console we like to configure/check the OWSM configuration but suddenly we receive the error: Cannot locate policy manager query/update service. Policy manager service look up did not find a valid service.

After some checks (network configuration, filled in weblogic listen address, etc) we discovered it was a stupid mistake. Due to some tests with Weblogic Filters in this test domain we actually locked out communication between Admin and SOA managed server. Pretty stupid indeed, but since search engines on this error didn’t find anything interesting it took us some time.

So if you ever get this error, it’s probably due to communication problems between your Admin server hosting EM and the SOA suite Managed Server(s). So check your ip config, network connectivity, weblogic listen addresses and if you use local firewalls (or weblogic filters) check these.


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