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Oracle Identity Management installation error

>When trying to install Oracle Internet Directory on Windows 2008 R2 the installation fails during the configuration process. The installer screen displays “Start Oracle Internet Directory: Failed.

The oidmon.log shows the following error:
[SomeDateTime] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDMON] [host: SOMEHOST] [pid: 2011] [tid: 0] Guardian: gsldda_DeleteEntry:gsldfgGetEntryID Error..1010

Which Oracle Support website recognizes as (DocID=1286775.1):

Prior to performing the config.bat process the Administrator of the Windows Server 2008 Release 2 server should:
– Install a Microsoft Loopback Adapter

The following are the steps performed on Microsoft Windows 2008 Release 2:
Start -> Computer -> Right-click, Properties -> Device Manager -> Computer Name, Right-click, Add Legacy Hardware -> Next -> Install the hardware I manually select from a list -> Next -> Network Adapters -> Microsoft on the right, Loopback adapter on the left -> Next
At this point you should be prepared to run the config.bat process.

Sadly this doesnt solve our issue. Which could be explained by the fact that this Support ID says it only happens to DHCP clients and this is not the case in our situation.

So we continue and find that the oidldap.log shows:

[SomeDateTime] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDLDAPD] [host: SomeHost] [pid: 1000] [tid: 0] Main:: Exec of OIDLDAPD failed with error
[SomeDateTime] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDLDAPD] [host: SomeHost] [pid: 1000] [tid: 0] Main:: FATAL : DispatcherController : OS -1 : Error creating server pool

Which points us in the direction of this Oracle Forums post by NIrving.

And indeed our sqlnet.log file is filled with errors like:
Directory does not exist for read/write […OracleHome\idm1113\Oracle_IDM1\log]

For some weird reason the “log” folder does not exist in this installation. Which is weird because we didnt have problems with this on other identical servers and installation. I just blame Windows Server OS because it’s evil. ;-)
And just simply create the “log” folder fixes this weird bug.


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