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Good explanation and necessary command examples from Mark Nelson on his blog RedStack how to get Oracle artifacts into a Maven repository and refer to these artifacts as a dependency during your builds.


If you want to build an application to run on the Fusion Middleware platform, you may find that you want to use some Oracle provided JAR files in your build process.  These may be things like API’s (interfaces) that are needed to compile, or client libraries that need to be bundled into the deployable application, or perhaps tools that are needed during build time, e.g. WLST or appc.

If you are using Maven to manage your build, it would be ideal to be able to use Maven coordinates to reference these Oracle artifacts, just like you do for any other kind of dependency.  But Oracle does not provide POM files for these artifacts – so what can we do?

Maven provides the ability to load any artifact into a Maven repository and to give it a set of coordinates.  This means that you can easily add the Oracle provided artifacts…

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