Using the clone ability to duplicate a Service Bus 12c project

27 Jun

It’s quite common in a service oriented landscape that a newer version of a service is required.
For instance due to new functionality for 1 service consumer which brakes the contract for the other consumers.

JDeveloper 12c has a cool feature helping us to clone a Service Bus project.
Right-click on the project and select Service Bus -> Clone


Determine the name of your clone target, for instance a version 1.1 of your current project:


The Service Bus project is cloned (copied) including all artifacts.
If we use a HTTP on our proxy we can expect a warning like in the pictures below which warns about 2 identical URIs.



We can quickly fix this by changing the endpoint URI on the new Service Bus project proxy making it unique.



And off we go! A lof faster then the old copy/paste of files or export/import work-around.


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4 responses to “Using the clone ability to duplicate a Service Bus 12c project

  1. Tamas

    10-09-2014 at 14:15

    Can you make a tutorial where you call an external webservice from an OSB application?


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