Building a stub with Oracle Service Bus

10 Dec

This year I’ve seen a few Oracle Fusion Middleware projects where there was a need for a stub service on the development and/or test environment. Developers were building composites/services with Oracle SOA Suite and/or Oracle Service Bus. The project then installed SOAPui on Linux servers and used SOAPui mockservice functionality or build very extensive Java applications which could generate responses for multiple webservice clients.

However to keep things much more simple, the Oracle Service Bus allows you to create a very simple project which you can use as a STUB service. Since OSB supports multiple transports it’s an ideal STUB for most of your webservice clients. And besides that: it’s easy & fast.

Simply create a OSB project and add 1 proxy service.
In the response pipeline, create a stage with a Replace action:

Oracle Service Bus Proxy


Just replace the node content with a valid SOAP response message:

Oracle Service Bus response message

Make sure the namespace prefix you chooce is valid (in the example v1).

Oracle Service Bus proxy namespace

Voila your done!

You can easily extend your STUB project by using the execute-SQL function (example here) to allow different responses which you store in a Oracle database schema.

Hope it helps!

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