Debugging Oracle BPM and Events (Oracle EDN)

08 Aug

We are using Oracle EDN events to communicate between Oracle BPM instances and from the Oracle ADF tasks to Oracle BPM. We use the correlation configuration to make sure the events arrive at the correct instances.

We had our share of problems with events during our project and it often took us some time to debug it. Since documentation is scattered across blogs, support sites and some manuals to configure the whole setup. The documentation about debugging your problems is very thin.

1. Check EM logging (duh)

All event steps are logged and the Enterprise Manager ECID (Execution Context ID) can help you detect what is going wrong.

2. Use Oracle Enterprise Manager’s ability to check the Business Events:

right click soa-infra and voila: Business Events! It shows an overview of registered events, amounts, subscriptions and is also the place for recovery of your events,


3. Check your Oracle BPM project project_properties.wsdl file

This file contains the alias settings for your event correlation. In one case we had a “corrupt” file holding old alias settings which caused problems. Our file contained old correlation configurations and old variables.

Correlation definition not registered.
The correlation set definition for operation {}ZaakAuditEvent, process myPartition/myBPMprocess!1.0*soa_e2845e50-44d9-4272-ba3d-47657fcfd9b7/myBPMprocess, is not registered with the server.

The correlation set was not defined in the process. Redeploy the process to the container.

and this message:

cannot find the property alias {someAlias} the message type {someType}
The property alias named in the error message was not defined in the BPMN/WSDL source. Check the BPMN/WSDL source to ensure that the property alias named in the error message had been defined. ORABPEL-03812


4. Use the EDN DB logging servlet

As explained by the Oracle A-Team here. EDN comes with a EDN DB logging servlet to view logging information generated by the EDN component. It is located here:

Oracle EDN DB log

5. Examine the EDN database tables

Also explained by the Oracle A-Team in their blogpost. The 2nd option is to check the Oracle SOA-INFRA database tables EDN_EVENT_QUEUE_TABLE and EDN_OAOO_DELIVERY_TABLE. We had our portion of stuck event records in these tables, which apparantly block all other events as well.



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