some Oracle UCM/WCC (WebcenterContent) examples and personal reminders

14 Jan


Console: http://servername:port/cs/
SOAP: http://servername:port/_dav/cs/idcplg (wsdl endpoints)
ODDC: http://servername:port/cs/idcplg
RIDC: http://servername:port/cs/idcplg (URL to Oracle Content Server’s CGI path)

UCM uses 2 ports it seems:
– Managed Server port + Internet traphic (console): default 16200
– IDC port: default 4444


Config file containing ports: %domainhome%/ucm/cs/config/config.cfg


Default UCM WSDLs can be found here:


Example SOAP message to upload document REQUEST:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:chec="">
 <!-- SECURE / PUBLIC / PersonalSpaces / process_spaces -->
 <chec:value>my example uploaded document</chec:value>
<!-- <chec:property>
 </chec:property> -->

 <chec:fileContent>base65 clob here</chec:fileContent>

Example SOAP message to upload document RESPONSE:

 <idc:CheckInUniversalResponse xmlns:idc="">
 <idc:statusMessage>Successfully checked in content item '1023157120000100'.</idc:statusMessage>

Get Document:

The SOAP CheckInUniversal call will return a documentID which can be used like this:



Default port is 16200 but can be changed in EM here:




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3 responses to “some Oracle UCM/WCC (WebcenterContent) examples and personal reminders

  1. Hadi

    19-01-2013 at 18:37


    I was tried to checkin some content but in tag Filecontents we have to put cid. After the files succesfully checkin, the file cant be read. Seems it encrypted. My question how we define cid ? And how the files decode?


    • Andy

      14-02-2014 at 08:26

      Hi Hadi, Content need to be decoded in Base64. To facilitate getting the content in Base64 (as an example) you can use GetFile service for getting existing content passing an ID. The result will bring to you content in Base64. Regards..


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