Oracle Open World 2012 Wednesday

04 Oct

4th day of the Oracle Open World conference and today my amount of sessions visited was clearly decreasing.

CON7344 – Anatomy of a Scalable Oracle BPM Suite 11g project

The session gave a lof of tips and best practices for running a BPM project in general (not purely Oracle BPM as a product).

Typical issues you may run into during your project:

  • Weak solution design: one super composite with 40+ components, no versioning and archiving strategy
  • Weak preparation of business: task unattended when someone leaves, no process monitoring
  • Weak operational: missing fault handling, no end-to-end monitoring

Mitigate that risk in your project:

  • Sit and think before you build: distinguish micro-process vs enterprise grade processes: Solution architecture & design, define guidelines
  • Engage early with business: demo simple prototype, play sandbox, ask the right questions
  • Engage early with infra: layout infra, control with enterprise manager 12c

Process definition:

  • Identify human task detaiuls: in/out documents, in/out business terms, assignemt patterns, role and mode, escalation rules, out-of-office policy
  • Identify business rules task details: in/out payload, decision table, rule manageability
  • Identify service task details: service and operation, in/out payload

SOA reference architecture. Lessons learned. No super composite.

Consistent developer: same jdev, same jdk, same parameters, build en deploy tools (maven)

Creating human tasks:

  • Make sure to always decouple human task complex payload from the process: use keys in the process, pass it to the human task. Do NOT import complex models (large xsds as human task payload), implement proper validation, leverage validation callback.
  • When assigning task to a performer: always use group assignments mapped against authorization repository, or leverage oracle entitlement server.
  • Always use a process ownmer, so unattended tasks can be rerouted to the owner
  • Leverage mapped attributes for business convenience

Fault handling:

  • Types of bpmn exception: Business exception (user defined exception)
  • Fault policy: catch system exceptions
  • How to define: composite based, component based, reference based

Oracle Open World youtube channel

The keynotes and interviews from OOW 2012 are available on the official Oracle youtube channel. One session that I missed but watched on this channel myself was quit interesting, the movie is called ‘Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategies Driving Business Innovation’

Oracle Partner Network @ OOW

Visited the Oracle Partner Network lounge in Moscone South and talked with some other Oracle partners who also visited Oracle Open World this year.

Appreciation Event @ Treasure Island

Highlight of this years Oracle Open World was obviously the appreciation event held on wednesday evening. As always the event is arranged perfectly with massive amounts of people traveling to and from Treasure Island, and of course the huge amount of food and beverage being offered to all the attendees.

Kings of Leon:

and of course legendary Pearl Jam:

Pearl Jam closing the night with a fabulous tribute to The Who with their song Baba O’Riley !!!


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One response to “Oracle Open World 2012 Wednesday

  1. Adriana

    21-07-2013 at 06:41

    Hi! I have a question for you. This will be my first time attending the appreciation event. I’m wondering, how does seating work? Is it general admission type or assigned seats? Thank you for taking the time to read and answer. Have a good evening.


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