Oracle Open World 2012 Tuesday

03 Oct

Not much session today but watched 2 keynotes, walked the demo grounds and attended only 1 Oracle BPM/ADF session which was very good.

CON2787 – Oracle BPM & ADF Integration Best Practices

Very good session by Danilo Schmiedel and Andrejus Baranovskis explaining the best practices for the intregration points between Oracle BPM and Oracle ADF. By default you can use the BPM workspace application or create a custom ADF application where you need to import the BPM workspace JAR libraries. Session started with explanation about the complexity challenges both gentlemen had at their project. A project where long running processes where created, each with a huge amount of human tasks and a load of over 300.000 instances/year.

To prevent creating huge amounts of ADF artifacts for each human task, they created a common data model for the human tasks and use standardization. The generic ADF Human Task Handler then uses routing on security groups an generate/render the correct options (buttons) for that task based upon an external configuration. I found this very interesting and need to look into this further when back home.

During the session some administrative reminders where made about the complex Oracle BPM environment as it existed in their project. “Housekeeping” was the term used, and reminded us to monitor the filesystem, configure Enterprise Manager correctly, arrange proper monitoring, use JRockit Mission Control for tuning and manage the database growth (MDS / SOAINFRA). Make sure you think about purging and read the Oracle Fusion Middleware administration guide about managing database growth.

KEY10724 – Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Oracle and Infosys

The keynotes on tuesday are something to look forward to. Due to the perfect weather in San Francisco we enjoyed watching them from the Yerba Buena Garden. The keynotes started with Infosys and friends, but finally the big man himself came on stage. You can watch his keynotes on youtube:

Oracle Benelux Party @ Ruby Sky bar

Ended the night in style in one of the hottest clubs in San Francisco, the Ruby Skye. The event was open for Oracle customers, partners and employees from the Benelux region. Party made possible by the Oracle partners VXCompany and Qualogy.

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