Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Monday

02 Oct

This monday morning Oracle OpenWorld kicks off with the keynotes “Shift Complexity” which we enjoyed watching outside in the Yerba Buena Gardens at Moscone. Most interesting information during the keynote was the announcement of the ExaData hardware update and a preview of Oracle Database 12c.

CON9245 – Oracle FMW Upgrade: Best Practices and Strategy

Session explained the upgrade path from different Middleware 10 products to version 11g. Amongst others Oracle Portal, OID Suite, OIAM Suite, SOA Suite and Weblogic. The session had an overview of all documents available for upgrading, the different tools you as an administrator have at your disposal to perform the upgrade, the right steps during the upgrade. Especially the SOA Suite (BPEL) upgrade was interesting about different strategies for long running BPEL instances.

CON8475 – Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g Overview and Roadmap

Overview of Oracle BPM PS6 ( and it’s new features. Especially the Business Process Composer was extended with new kind of features for the Business Analist role in your BPM project. The Business Analist now has the opportunity to simulate the process and play the process using different stake holders (without logging in and out under different users/roles). Another new feature is the possibility for the analist to model the forms used for the process it’s human interaction. More enhanced business rules usage and option for rule testing again in the composer. Another cool feature was the improvement of alter flow, which allows you to suspend a process, change data and move instance forward or backward from the workspace.

The Demo Grounds:

Visited the demo grounds and especially the Oracle Middleware DEMOgrounds. Got some free goodies like a Han Solo icecube maker. Basicly a must-have for the modern man these days. ;-) Very interesting information and had a good discussion and helpful hand at the BPM Process Accelerators part.

CON8669 – Using the Right Tools, Techniques & Technologies for Integration

Session explains the position of both BPEL and BPMN as language (and Oracle product) for process automation. BPEL is there for service orchestration and BPMN is a process execution standard with focus for human interaction. Consider both BPEL and! BPMN for handling your automated processes.

Overview of the different Oracle service brokers:

  • (Vordel) Enterprise gateway, as first line of defense located in a DMZ
  • OSB: stateless, high speed transformation and routing, service result caching (with Coherence)
  • Mediator: SCA, re-sequencer, transform/filter, state full

Integration styles recognized:

  • data centric integration
  • integration through native interfaces (adapters)
  • integration through web services
  • reference data query
  • process centric integration

Best practices as Common/Canonical Data Model (CDM) are explained and the use of design patterns and reference architecture.

Important announcements:

  • Oracle Database 12c is coming … not yet, but soon :)
  • Oracle Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine is announced
  • Oracle has a deal with Nokia about their Location Platform (map software) which will be available for developers in Fusion Middleware MapViewer
  • Oracle Coherence 12c is announced


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