Passed Arcitura SOASchool S90.02 exam

08 May

Last week I passed the Arcitura SOASchool exam S90.02 as part of the SOASchool Architect certification path I would like to complete.

The exam covers basic SOA technology concepts like XML technology, SOAP & REST. But also very specific concepts like WS-Policy, WS-Coordination framework and WS-AtomicTransaction standard.

I used the Arcitura self-study module and the book “SOA Technology Concepts, Technology and Design” by Thomas Erl as preperation for the exam:

I used the following steps for studying:

  • Just followed the study guide and read the required chapters from the book
  • Used the audio CD (in my car while driving, so didn’t use the printed powerpoint sheets) to verify if there are any gaps in knowledge
  • Q&A cards to check your knowledge (just a few days before the exam) and fill in the blancs where necessary.

And make sure you are familiar with the following concepts (source: SOASchool Module 2 page):

  • Basic XML and XML Schema Concepts
  • Overview of Standards Organizations
  • Contrasting Component-Based Architecture with Web-based Services
  • Service Roles and Service Agents
  • Basic WSDL and SOAP Concepts plus UDDI, Discovery and Service Registries
  • Basic REST Service Concepts and Patterns
  • Web Service Anatomy (physical architecture)
  • Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) and Service Activities
  • Context Management and Coordination
  • Atomic Service Transactions and Compensations
  • Orchestration and WS-BPEL
  • Advanced Messaging, Reliable Messaging and Policies
  • Fundamental Security Concepts
  • Fundamental Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Topics
  • REST Services: Contracts, Resources, and Messaging
  • REST Architectural Goals
  • REST Constraints

Good luck !


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4 responses to “Passed Arcitura SOASchool S90.02 exam

  1. Arun

    01-10-2013 at 08:44

    Could you let me know which chapters are releavant in the book?
    SOA Technology Concepts, Technology and Design

  2. Guillermo

    28-10-2014 at 21:01

    Can you share your notes, flashcards?

  3. Mohamed El-Beltagy

    13-01-2015 at 00:44

    Hi Jan,
    I’m planning to be a certified SOA Architect and hesitated deciding which exam to take.
    I mean, there’s Arcitura’s exam, IBM’s and there’s Oracle’s. I know that IBM’s and Oracle’s are vendor specific while Arcitura is not. But still, is it better to be vendor specific or neutral? I would really appreciate your own personal experience.
    And; if you have any information in this regards; which is more beneficial in terms of information gained during the exam preparation as well as market requirements.


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