Oracle SOA Suite Error – Cannot Locate Policy Manager query/update service

24 Oct

Strange error occurred in on of our test environments. Through the Enterprise Manager console we like to configure/check the OWSM configuration but suddenly we receive the error: Cannot locate policy manager query/update service. Policy manager service look up did not find a valid service.

After some checks (network configuration, filled in weblogic listen address, etc) we discovered it was a stupid mistake. Due to some tests with Weblogic Filters in this test domain we actually locked out communication between Admin and SOA managed server. Pretty stupid indeed, but since search engines on this error didn’t find anything interesting it took us some time.

So if you ever get this error, it’s probably due to communication problems between your Admin server hosting EM and the SOA suite Managed Server(s). So check your ip config, network connectivity, weblogic listen addresses and if you use local firewalls (or weblogic filters) check these.


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2 responses to “Oracle SOA Suite Error – Cannot Locate Policy Manager query/update service

  1. Raju

    22-05-2012 at 18:27

    I am getting this error oracle.policy.policymanagerException Plz explain how to resolve this problem. I applied all owsm policies previously it is working. But now it shows that error.

  2. jvzoggel

    24-05-2012 at 10:19

    Hi Raju, are you running your domain on WIndows ? If so, can you check if you configured your listen address correctly ?


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