OWSM PolicyManagerException: WSM-02120 [Possible Cause : Destination unreachable]

29 Aug

While attempting to deploy a sbconfig.jar in a new Oracle Fusion Middleware domain with SOA/OSB the deployment could not be activated due to the fact that the OSB SBConsole could not connect to the OWSM Policy framework.

The error message was: [OSB Security OWSM:387177] OWSM Policy oracle/wss_username_token_service_policy is not supported

And sbconsole and logfile showd:
SubSystem: ALSB Console
MessageID: BEA-494002
Message: Internal error occured in OSBConsole : oracle.wsm.policymanager.PolicyManagerException: WSM-02120 : Unable to connect to the policy access service. [Possible Cause : Destination unreachable; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect; No available router to destination]

The logfiles additionally showed:

SubSystem: oracle.wsm.resources.policyaccess
MessageID: WSM-06108
Message: Error initializing the Oracle WSM Policy Resolver because incorrect configuration is passed

Not fully clear what was wrong so the following checklist was performed:

  • Restarting the Admin / Managed Servers did not resolve the issue.
  • None of the loggings showed any connectivy problems between Admin and the Managed Servers.
  • Network ip configuration was correct for all machines
  • Network communication looked OK for all machines (ping)
  • The “OWSM Policy Support in OSB Initializer Aplication”deployment was Active and correctly targeted (OSB cluster & Admin).
  • The wsm-pm deployment was Active and correctly targeted (OSB & SOA cluster).
  • The mds-owsm datasource was tested and correctly targeted (all)

So as a final I compared the config.xml between a working domain and the domain with the problem.
I expected a difference in one of the OWSM deployments but discovered that the only difference was that the problem-domain had missing Listen Addresses for both Admin and all of the the Managed Servers.


So in Weblogic Console this was fixed by adding the DNS name of the correct hostname to each Listen Address. (this can be done under Environment -> Servers -> servername -> Configuration -> General -> Listen Address).

Restarting all machines and finally the sbconfig.jar deployment succeeded through the SBConsole.


  • Apparently the OWSM Framework requires a Listen Address configured for communication between the OSB managed servers and the Admin instance. Other Weblogic and OSB deployments (without OWSM policies) did succeed earlier.


  • Weblogic documentation states: Do not leave the listen address undefined on a Windows computer that uses multiple IP address (a multihomed computer). On such a computer, the server will bind to all available IP addresses.
  • In our case our servers where not multihomed, but we do use VMWare instances with Windows.

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5 responses to “OWSM PolicyManagerException: WSM-02120 [Possible Cause : Destination unreachable]

  1. Gcina

    03-10-2011 at 16:33

    Thanks for that solution Jan. You are a star.

    • jvzoggel

      24-10-2011 at 10:47

      Thanx Gcina, I’m very curious if you had the problem in a Windows based environment as well.

  2. Pierluigi Vernetto

    17-09-2013 at 18:13

    OWSM is network-tricky, we had a similar issue because the certificates were not aligned

    and because the MS were not up:


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