Weblogic and OSB various keystore reminders

04 Aug

Default Weblogic DemoIdentity and DemoTrust keystore:

I always forget the default passwords, so a quick reminder:

Location: %WL_HOME%/server/lib
File = DemoIdentity.jks

  • keystore password = DemoIdentityKeyStorePassPhrase
  • key password = DemoIdentityPassPhrase
  • keytool -list -keystore DemoIdentity.jks -storepass DemoIdentityKeyStorePassPhrase

File = DemoTrust.jks

  • keystore password = DemoTrustKeyStorePassPhrase
  • 	keytool -list -keystore DemoTrust.jks -storepass DemoTrustKeyStorePassPhrase
Generate a new private key:

Go to the security folder in your domain (the SerializedSystemIni.dat is also located here, so you already need to secure this folder):

keytool -genkey -keysize 2048 -keyalg RSA -alias myhostname01 -keystore myhostname01_identity.jks

Generate a Certificate Request:

keytool -certreq -alias myhostname01 -file myhostname01.csr -keystore myhostname01_identity.jks

Send this CSR file to your Certificate Authority

Import signed response:

keytool -importcert -trustcacerts -alias rootCA -file rootCA.cer -keystore myhostname01_identity.jks -storepass mySecretPassword
keytool -importcert -alias chaincert1 -file chaincert1.cer -keystore myhostname01_identity.jks -storepass mySecretPassword
keytool -importcert -alias myhostname01 -file myhostname01.cer -keystore myhostname01_identity.jks -storepass mySecretPassword

import P12 into JKS:

keytool -v -importkeystore -srckeystore somecert.p12 -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore mytruststore.jks -deststoretype JKS

Configure Eclipse OEPE with custom keystore:

  • Right-click OSB Configuration in Project Explorer
  • Select Oracle Service Bus Configuration
  • Configure the keystore file and the storepassword
  • You can now add a ServiceKeyProvider to your project to act as a SSL-client
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