Accessing Weblogic embedded LDAP with an external LDAP client

22 Jun

>The Weblogic embedded LDAP server contains user, group, group membership, security role, security policy, and credential map information. By default, each WebLogic Server domain has an embedded LDAP server configured. The WebLogic Authentication, Authorization, Credential Mapping, and Role Mapping providers use the embedded LDAP server as their database.

When you want to view/edit the embedded LDAP the default Weblogic console and WLST are not always handy so you might want to use an LDAP client tool as JXplorer.

The configuration of the embedded LDAP is located in the Weblogic console under:
domain -> Security -> Embedded LDAP
– Change the (default generated) password (for example: weblogic)
– Enable “Anonymous Bind Allowed” (don’t leave this enabled in production)

With JXplorer the following configuration let’s you connect to your Weblogic Embedded LDAP.

Host: Adminserver hostname
Port: Adminserver port
Protocol: LDAP v3
Base DN: dc=weblogicDomainName
Level: User+Password
User DN: cn=Admin
Password: (what you configured earlier)

You can now easy navigate your LDAP and use JXplorers features to quickly export and import LDIF configurations.


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2 responses to “Accessing Weblogic embedded LDAP with an external LDAP client

  1. Ajay Nair

    24-10-2012 at 01:59

    Thanks , this helped

    • jvzoggel

      25-10-2012 at 13:49

      your welcome and thanks for feedback :)


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