Using Greenhat Tester watch mode with Tibco EMS

30 Aug

In GH Tester version 3.3.0 and above, some transports like the Tibco EMS transport have a “watch” mode. In this watch mode, GH Tester receives any new messages sent to the queue but won’t remove them from the queue. In this way it is possible to passively access queue messages without affecting the queue itself. It does this by subscribing to system monitor topics and because of this the transport login configuration must have administration rights on the EMS server in question.

However when trying to perform a test we receive the following error:
Fatal error: Cannot subscribe to “Transports/TIBCO EMS.a3t” -Error creating listener Linked to error: The Transport Connection or Watch settings user is not an admin user

The error is a bit unclear, because we are in fact connecting with the admin user and should have full-access to the queues. But in some way the Greenhat Tibco Messenging plugin guide (pdf) shows the anser. You must uncheck the “Use JNDI to lookup destination” checkbox.

In our test scripts we can now actually monitor (“watch”) queues for messaging travelling through them and being picked up by other components in the workflow.
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